Cleans and dissolves deposits throughout the entire injection system. Improves corrosion protection, binds water. For petrol and diesel injection systems.
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Richard Doxford
After 40 years they changed the fuel which eventually slowed the performance of my Yamaha XT500 resulting in sluggish performance leading to misfires and backfires. With this in mind and knowing that the electrical side of things were fine I was recommended to try a fuel additive to bind the fuel and clean the Carburetter. I thought I would give it a go before a carb rebuild so dropped half a bottle in the full tank making it slightly over the prescribed dose so to say. I took it out for a thirty mile run and there seemed to be little change but the bike was now going through the misfire producing more top end power under acceleration. Next took the bike out for a little run and it definately was slightly better....So I added the system guard to my Diesel car to see if it helped that as it to had developed a missing cylinder at 70 MPH. To early to tell but it has livened up the old bike. It now misfires less and has more power So I think I will not go for the carb rebuild but get another bottle.
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