Profile of the BUCHER-MOTOREX Group

We all have the same aims - our ten guiding principles

We - all of us who work at MOTOREX - have the fate of our company in our hands. MOTOREX's ten guiding principles will be with us as we carry on our work in the future:

The ethos of the company We want to offer you a personal service, delivered with politeness and commitment. It's unique - just like MOTOREX!
Retain our independence We are proud that we are an independent Swiss family business with strong roots that have been established over time. The vision of the founding generation lives on.  We are committed to being an independent company with our own original ideas.
Demonstrate truth and credibility The relationship our employees have with each other and with our customers, suppliers and all other business contacts is open and honest.
The customer is our employer Our customer is at the centre of all we think and do. We create benefits for our customers with quality products - "Swiss made" in Langenthal - and good services. We want to be a competent partner and find solutions wherever possible.
Demonstrate leadership in the business We actually do what we ask others to do and integrity is a means of maintaining our good reputation. Our employees act in a businesslike way and take responsibility for what they have done. Complaints and problems are discussed openly and dealt with swiftly.
Show leadership We don't want to rest on our laurels because we know we can do even better. We are aiming to achieve longterm solid growth. Our group of companies is attractive because of its success and is thus reliable for both employees and business partners.
Promote innovation and creativity We have plenty of "get up and go" and are always ready to seize the opportunity to discover new solutions or products. We encourage creativity among our employees and our innovations will continue to surprise.
Act in a socially responsible way As a member of the global society, we take our social responsibility seriously. Our group of companies focuses on revenues so that we can reinvest to achieve sustainable business development and safeguard employment.
Be involved in our environment We promote a liberal economic environment and support a democratic system of government. It is important to us to protect the environment and we adhere to our MOTOREX environmental policy.
In summary We all work for a good company and we're proud of it! 


We are the company with drums in MOTOREX green.


Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 • P.O. Box • 4901 Langenthal, Switzerland

Phone +41 (0)62 919 75 75 • Fax +41 (0)62 919 75 95