• The company Fritz Jenzer, chemical products, was established in Bützberg. Manufacture of leather and floor care products.

Arnold Bucher
  • Arnold Bucher (1896) joined the company and Jenzer und Bucher, Bützberg was founded.
  • One employee.
  • Foundation of Bucher & Cie AG, Bützberg. 
  • Own rail siding.
  • Relocation from Bützberg to Langenthal to occupy the company's first premises in the present industrial estate.
  • Edy Bucher (born 1924) joined the firm followed by Claudine Bucher (born 1923) in 1945.
  • Under the name MOTOREX - derived from the REX brand - top-quality lubricants and chemical products were developed, produced and marketed.
  • The firm initially sold roughly one drum per day.
Edy Bucher
  • For the first time, advertising for MOTOREX in newspapers and magazines played a more prominent role.
  • Total sales now exceeded 200 tonnes.

  • The production and sale of REX shoe and floor care products was discontinued.
  • Sale of gear and engine oils now amounted to around 1,200 tonnes.
  • Company founder Arnold Bucher died. It is thanks to his initiative and far-sightedness that the firm owes its development.
  • Start of an explosive expansion of sales.
  • Planning of a new plant with storage tanks on the site of the former gasworks.
  • Monique Bucher (born 1948) joined the firm.
Helen Bucher
  • Phase I of the new building and conversion work finished on 31 March. Production facilities considered to be the most modern in the industry and regularly serve as a showpiece.
  • Expansion of the storage tank and pump house.
  • 52 employees.
  • Helen Bucher (born 1953) joins the company.
  • With 5,300,000 litres, MOTOREX now has the biggest storage tank capacity in Switzerland.
  • Founding of MOTOREX AG, a sales company for metalworking fluids
  • A further new building is planned.
  • The first aerosol can filing plant goes on stream.
  • Peter Regenass (born 1946) joins the firm.



  • Helen Bucher, Monique Regenass-Bucher und Peter Regenass are appointed as new members of the board of directors.
  • The first issue of the company magazine MOTOREX Revue is sent to customers.
  • Introduction of MC engine oils, leading products both in technology and quality.
  • First MOTOREX TV commercial.
  • Planning started for a new futuristic building.
  • Export sales climbed still higher.
  • Claudine and Edy Bucher retired from active management after 47 years.
  • MOTOREX moves into the new and enlarged buildings.
  • 75th birthday celebrations.
  • BUCHER AG MOTOREX was awarded ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • Greater presence on the world market.
  • Publication of the 50th MOTOREX Review.
  • Anniversaries: 80 years of Bucher AG and 50 years of the MOTOREX brand.
  • Founding of MOTOREX TopTech AG: a trading company for oil-supply systems
  • MOTOREX received the GFM marketing prize for the marketing scenario MOTOREX Product Lines.
  • 185 employees.
  • The president of the board of directors, Mrs. Helen Bucher Voegeli, was named Businesswoman of the Year and awarded the Veuve Clicquot Prize.
  • Tank storage capacity increased from 2.2 million litres to a total of 7.5 million litres.
  • New building for expansion of production facilities.
  • Untimely death of Helen Bucher.
  • 200 employees.
  • It may have begun well, but it ended even better with the WORLD STAR 2001 award for the MOTOREX 1-litre engine oil bottle with integrated filler neck.
  • Neighbouring plot of land purchased as a strategic reserve for future growth.
  • Peter Regenass-Bucher appointed to the post of president of the board of directors.
  • Establishment of subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.
  • Installation of the "Motorex drum" lift on the outside of the building and the Motorex display on the traffic roundabout.
  • Monique Regenass-Bucher assumed overall operational responsibilities for the group of companies.
  • Founding of MOTOREX USA Inc in Ventura, California: sales of MOTOREX Motoline and Bikeline products in the USA
  • Edi Fischer joins the company as Deputy Managing Director
  • Warehouse, rented since 2001, was purchased, including surrounding land, at the Langenthal Nord industrial estate.
  • Publication of the 75th MOTOREX Revue (now MOTOREX Magazine).
  • Creation of 100 parking spaces on a site that has been purchased adjacent to the factory
  • "The green baton is being handed over": After a combined period of 66 years in charge of MOTOREX Monique and Peter Regenass-Bucher are handing over day-to-day control of the company to Edi Fischer and are concentrating on strategic issues in the management boards. There is no change in the ownership - MOTOREX is and remains a Swiss family company. 
  • 90 years of BUCHER AG and 60 years of MOTOREX
  • Strategic alliance with Lube-Tech Minnesota to supply customers around the world
  • Establishment of MOTOREX (Deutschland) AG: company-owned sales office and distribution centre in Germany
  • European warehouse in Freiburg, Germany, set up as a logistics base for the EU countries.
  • MOTOREX presented the “green revolution” in metalworking. The patented PMC® technology keeps cooling lubricants bacteriologically stable avoiding the use of problem substances.
  • Establishment of MOTOREX Oesterreich in Austria with its own sales representatives
  • Extension of storage tanks for base fluids and finished products. 10 tanks with 0.5 million litres to 8.0 million in total.
  • Construction of new building enclosure for 20 tanks.
  • Introduction of the environmentally friendly "pigging" system, which enables more efficient production at exactly the same high quality. 
  • Purchase of 11,000 m2 of adjacent property including buildings from Nencki AG, Langenthal, to ensure capability for long-term growth
  • 250 employees
  • Establishment of a subsidiary in Austria with its headquarters in Hallein
  • Opening of a subsidiary in Göteborg, Sweden
  • Establishment of MOTOREX Nordic with a distribution centre in Sweden and its own sales team
  • MOTOREX mourns the passing of company stalwart Edy Bucher, who devoted many years to shaping and developing the firm.
  • Foundation of SAV-MOTOREX GmbH and expansion of sales activities in the German motorbike market through an in-house sales organisation.
  • Acquisition of YORK Lubrifiants in Toulon, France. There will be no changes to the Bucher MOTOREX Group's newest member, which will continue to operate independently.
  • Switzerland's largest manufacturer of lubricants with sales in 80 countries


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