Our common will – our ten guiding values


We – all MOTOREX employees – take on shared responsibility for the success of the company group. As we move forward into the future, we subscribe to the ten MOTOREX guiding values:

  1. Principles: We strive to be authentic, respectable, dedicated and unique – just like MOTOREX itself!
  2. Maintain independence: We are proud to be an independent Swiss family business with strong roots established over a long period of time and continuing to pursue the vision of the founding generation. We consistently support independence and autonomy.
  3. Embrace truthfulness and credibility: Relations among our employees as well as with our customers, suppliers and all other business partners are open and honest.
  4. Customer orientation: Our customers are the central focus of all our considerations and actions. We create customer benefits through high-quality products – "Swiss-made" in Langenthal – as well as excellent services. We aim to be an expert partner and find solutions wherever possible.
  5. Adopt an entrepreneurial approach: We practice what we ask of others and base our good reputation on our integrity. Our employees are entrepreneurial in their approach and take on responsibility. Complaints and problems are dealt with openly and swiftly.
  6. Demonstrate leadership: We are never satisfied with what we have achieved – there is always room for improvement. We strive for lasting and healthy growth. Success makes our company group attractive and reliable from the point of view of employees and business partners.
  7. Encourage innovation and creativity: We have enormous energy and initiative and we are keen to grasp new opportunities and invent new solutions or products. We encourage creativity among our employees and will continue to produce surprising new innovations.
  8. Take on social responsibility: We exercise our social responsibility as a member of the global community. Our corporate group is profit-oriented so that we are able to re-invest in sustainable development and secure jobs.
  9. Take on an active role in the world: We promote a liberal economy and are committed to the democratic rule of law. Environmental protection is important to us and we adhere to the MOTOREX environmental policy.
  10. Conclusion: We all work for a good company – and we are proud to do so!

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