Particularly effective, solvent-free, gelatinous cleaner specially for heavily contaminated bicycles. MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN dissolves and removes mud, soil, dust etc. in next to no time. Does not leave behind any greasy residues and does not affect brake action in any way whatsoever. Also suitable for carbon.

Technical details

Field of application

MOTOREX EASY CLEAN is used for quickly and effectively cleaning heavily contaminated parts such as bicycle chains, derailleurs, gear linkages etc.


  • 500ml


Warning: MOTOREX EASY CLEAN degreases items very efficiently; it is therefore necessary to re-lubricate parts with MOTOREX DRY POWER or MOTOREX WET PROTECT immediately after the degreasing process. Note: Also available as a liquid!

Nice to know


  • biodegrades quickly
  • extremely powerful solvent effect
  • universal use
  • excellent degreasing and resin-removal properties
  • evaporates without leaving any residue
  • optimum drying time
  • chlorine-free


Apply MOTOREX EASY CLEAN to the chain and parts to be cleaned, leave for a short while and if necessary, work on the respective areas with a brush. Allow the cleaner to drip; if necessary, rinse with a new cleaner and allow to dry. To prevent the floor from being contaminated, place some paper or a box, for example, under the parts so that the contamination dripping off is caught.



Nice to know

What does tribology mean?

Tribology covers scientific research and technical applications of friction, wear and lubrication, taking account of design, materials science, regulations imposed by the authorities, etc. Tribo technology also deals with the retention of the value of machines and tools, simplification of lubrication application, minimisation of energy losses plus environmental demands, cost-optimised production and targeted maintenance schedules.


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