OPAL 5000

OPAL 5000

Low-odour universal cleaner with similar properties to those of conventional VOC solvent cleaners liable to tax. However, consists of substances that do not fall under the VOC steering tax. Suitable for degreasing and cleaning parts in the service and repair sector.

Technical details

Field of application

OPAL 5000 is particularly suitable for degreasing and cleaning parts in the service and repair sector. Due to its relatively slow drying time, parts are temporarily protected from corrosion. As drying takes more time than cleaners containing VOC, for urgent cases we recommend using a drying aid, such as a hot-air blower or compressed air.


  • 5l
  • 25l
  • 60l
  • 200l


Free from aromatic compounds, with a very mild odour

Nice to know


  • mild odour
  • universal cleaning power
  • Free from VOC emissions
  • high flash point
  • suitable for all types of metal


The cleaner can be applied by cloth, brush or spray. It should not be rinsed off with water. Only OPAL 5000 should be used for rinsing off.


OPAL 5000 should be used undiluted. Diluting/mixing has a negative impact on the cleaning result.



Nice to know

What are biodegradable lubricants?

This means the biochemical decomposition of organic chemical compounds accelerated by microorganisms. Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. bring about biological degradation through what is termed bio-oxidation. This occurs in several stages, producing CO2, water, protein cell material and multiplication of micro-organisms.


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