This glass cleaner with active foam is a highly effective cleaner for any flat surface such as windows or mirrors in your vehicle or at home and in the office. The special formula removes all kinds of dirt easily and streak-free, leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent. The stable active foam means no unwanted liquid will run off when cleaning vertical surfaces. With long-term protection for a longer-lasting cleanliness.

Technical details

Field of application

Perfect for all smooth surfaces such as windows and mirrors on vehicles, as well as in the household and office. Particularly suitable for windows on cars, buses, trucks, etc. as there is no unwanted drainage. Also removes residual glue from toll stickers.


Do not spray on hot surfaces or use in direct sunlight. Not suitable for polycarbonate glass. Shake before use.

Nice to know


  • upside-down use
  • easy to use – even in hard-to-reach places
  • targeted use
  • no run-off from vertical surfaces
  • economical thanks to minimal product-loss
  • visible, white foam
  • saves time and reduces waste
  • reduces waste
  • good cleaning effect
  • low environmental impact
  • streak-free
  • neutral in contact with rubber, varnishes and plastic
  • biodegradable


Spray the product onto the surface and leave to work for a short while before wiping dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.



Nice to know

What does penetration mean?

Is a dimension for consistency (solidity or fluidity) of a substance. In the case of lubricating greases, it is the amount by which a cone with specified dimensions penetrates vertically into the specimen to be examined under specified conditions.


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