Highly effective insect and tar remover for universal use. Removes solid, tough dirt such as tar, resin and insects before the main wash. Can be used on any surface such as glass, paint, chrome and plastic.

Technical details

Field of application

Extremely dirty areas: bumper, radiator grill, side skirts and windscreen. Preparation for car washes or self-service car washes. Cleaning the windscreen wipers.


Do not spray onto hot surfaces or leave to dry in the sun.

Nice to know


  • highly effective cleaning formula
  • stubborn dirt comes off almost on its own
  • easy to use
  • saves times and effort when washing the car
  • adhesive
  • sticks to extremely dirty areas and removes the dirt with ease
  • good cleaning power, especially for protein-containing stains such as insects
  • incombustible
  • bio degradable


Spray onto very dirty patches on the vehicle before the main wash and, if necessary, work in with a sponge or cloth. Leave to work for five minutes and rinse thoroughly using a powerful water jet or wash the vehicle in a car wash.



Nice to know

What does penetration mean?

Is a dimension for consistency (solidity or fluidity) of a substance. In the case of lubricating greases, it is the amount by which a cone with specified dimensions penetrates vertically into the specimen to be examined under specified conditions.


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