Using the MOTOREX PRE-FLUSH flushing additive, the DYNCO’s cleaning programme guarantees thorough, very clean flushing, even for heavily soiled automatic gearboxes. During the cleaning programme, the used oil is therefore converted into a flushing oil. The DYNCO will automatically carry out the flushing programme for 10 minutes, which completely cleans the internal part of the gearbox. Please visit
and find out more about the DYNCO device.

Technical details

Field of application

Only use this special cleaning additive for automatic/double-clutch transmissions with the MOTOREX DYNCO flushing device only.


Note the system contents of the gearbox and calculate the corresponding quantity.

Nice to know


  • very economical
  • efficient cleaning effect
  • absolute seal compatibility


To add cleaning additive, remove the cover of the DYNCO’s auxiliary container and and pour the corresponding of the fluid in it. (max. content: 3 litres). Then start the flushing programme.
It is essential that the operator is seated in the vehicle and changes gears, selecting all positions (P-R-N-D-S) and maintraining each position for at least 10 seconds.
This procedure should be performed during the cleaning cycle.


One litre of PRE-FLUSH ADDITIVE is enough for 60 litres of gear oil.



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