SAE 20W/50

MOTOREX EVOTEC SAE 20W/50 is a high-performance multigrade motor oil based on selected paraffinic base oils. An additive package developed exclusively for this formulation ensures very good protection against oxidation and corrosion. The increased zinc content also provides excellent wear protection. High-quality detergent additives dissolve dirt and deposits and guide these to the oil filter with the help of select dispersants.

Technical details

Field of application

MOTOREX EVOTEC SAE 20W/50 has been specially developed for classic vehicles. It is extremely well suited for use with petrol and diesel engines with forced-feed lubrication and fine mesh filters. Also ideally suited for use in engines from the USA, historical racing engines and engines with OHC/OHV valve control. The viscosity SAE 20W/50 allows for year-round use.


  • API SF
  • API CD
  • API SE

Safety & Performance

  • FORD M2C9011-A
  • GM 6049-M
  • FORD M2C9001-AA
  • CCMC G3
  • FORD M2C153-D
  • MIL-L-2104D
  • MIL-L-2104C
  • CCMC D3
  • CCMC PD1
  • CCMC G1
  • GM 6136-M
  • FORD M2C153-B
  • MIL-L-45199B
  • MIL-L-46152C
  • CCMC D2
  • FORD M2C101-C
  • CCMC G2
  • GM 6048-M


  • 1l
  • 5l
  • 60
  • 200l


MOTOREX HEAVY DUTY SAE 20W/50 can be mixed with mineral-oil-based motor oils of the same performance level. Oil and filters must be replaced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Nice to know


  • optimally formulated for classic vehicles
  • perfect for historic racing engines
  • very good oxidation and corrosion protection
  • excellent wear protection
  • good cleaning performance
  • suitable for year-round use



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