Special, fast-drying and economical tyre mounting fluid for effortless mounting and removal of all conventional tyres. Tested for tyre pressure monitoring systems. (TPMS). Does not leave any visible residues after mounting.

Technical details

Field of application

MOTOREX TYRE MOUNTING FLUID is just the thing for effortless mounting and removal of standard tyres (with no emergency running characteristics), low-profile tyres (HP, UHP), run flat tyres (with a reinforced sidewall – RFT, SSR, DSST, ZP, ROF, EMT, RSC), PAX tyres (with a support ring – Michelin) and tyres for commercial vehicles. Tested for tyre pressure monitoring systems.


  • 1l
  • 5l

Nice to know


  • does not leave any visible residues after mounting
  • Very good lubrication properties
  • quick drying time
  • efficient in application
  • No troublesome spray as the tyre inflates
  • Tested with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
  • excellent for low-profile tyres


Before mounting a tyre on the rim, apply the fluid sparingly to both tyre walls using the MOTOREX TMF DISPENSER developed exclusively for this pur-pose. When removing a tyre, brush fluid between tyre and rim to help protect the casing.



Nice to know

What does tribology mean?

Tribology covers scientific research and technical applications of friction, wear and lubrication, taking account of design, materials science, regulations imposed by the authorities, etc. Tribo technology also deals with the retention of the value of machines and tools, simplification of lubrication application, minimisation of energy losses plus environmental demands, cost-optimised production and targeted maintenance schedules.


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