BITUMEN SEPARATING AGENT 4720 (BITUMEN-TRENNMITTEL 4720) prevents parts of the fresh covering from remaining stuck to the tyre rollers or steel rollers. A low-viscosity product that contains hydrocarbons but is not damaging to the environment. The thin separating film spreads evenly without leaving any gaps on the roller and tyres, thereby preventing the hot covering from becoming stuck. BITUMEN SEPARATING AGENT 4720 (BITUMEN-TRENNMITTEL 4720) can also be used as a concrete separating agent.

Technical details

Field of application

BITUMEN SEPARATING AGENT 4720 (BITUMEN-TRENNMITTEL 4720) is ideal for tyre rollers and steel rollers or concrete shuttering. Effectively prevents the covering from sticking to the surfaces of rollers or shuttering. The result is the completely level and faultless surface of the concrete/bituminous material.


  • 25l
  • 200l


Does not contain any VOCs and is therefore not subject to the VOC incentive tax.

Nice to know


  • VOC-free
  • No influence on the adhesion of the covering
  • no evaporating, high boiling point
  • low-odour
  • versatile


Spray on the product undiluted.



Nice to know

What does penetration mean?

Is a dimension for consistency (solidity or fluidity) of a substance. In the case of lubricating greases, it is the amount by which a cone with specified dimensions penetrates vertically into the specimen to be examined under specified conditions.


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