CONFORM 5100 is a VOC-free separating agent with a medium viscosity. Developed on the basis of highly refined mineral oils. Outstanding corrosion protection. Newly formulated additives ensure rapid deaeration, optimised vibration and beautiful, clean and faultless surfaces. Very suitable for exposed concrete as well as for all types of shuttering (wood, metal and plastic) and for complex profiles.

Technical details

Field of application

CONFORM 5100 is suitable for all types of shuttering. Also ideal for concrete component production facilities with heated shuttering, pre-heated concrete or drying tunnels.


  • 5l
  • 25l
  • 200l


Does not contain any VOCs and is therefore not subject to the VOC incentive tax.

Nice to know


  • very good yield, 1 l = 40–80 m²
  • no solvent vapours
  • VOC-free
  • corrosion-inhibiting, water-repellent
  • even in winter temperatures
  • is very low-odour
  • ideal for exposed concrete


The product is applied most efficiently by being sprayed via a knapsack sprayer or hand sprayer with a flat jet nozzle. CONFORM 5100 can be applied very sparingly and results in beautiful, clean and faultless surfaces – even in the case of exposed concrete.



Nice to know

What does ISO mean?

“International Organisation for Standardisation”. The organisation classifies lubricants, industrial oils and related products (Class L). This classification consists of 18 families in which the products are assigned letters A to Z depending on their use.


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