CONFORM 5450 is a quickly biodegradable concrete separating agent. Optimal additives also result in outstanding corrosion protection and the efficient ventilation of the concrete as a result of vibrations. CONFORM 5450 can also be used as a bitumen separating agent.

Technical details

Field of application

CONFORM 5450 is used in building construction and underground engineering, concrete component production and when laying bituminous material. Optimum results are even achieved with heated metal shuttering, tyre rollers and steel rollers, steam-heated drying tunnels and/or heated concrete.


  • 25l
  • 60l
  • 200l


Temperature for spraying: minimum +5°C. Does not contain any VOCs and is therefore not subject to the VOC incentive tax.

Nice to know


  • very good yield, 1 l = 40-80 m²
  • does not produce any vapours
  • water-repelling
  • no residues
  • Plaster subsequently adheres well
  • good de-aeration properties
  • Protects against corrosion


The product is applied very efficiently by means of spraying with a knapsack sprayer or hand sprayer equipped with a flat jet nozzle. The nozzle must be adjusted such that a very fine and consistent spray pattern is achieved. In the case of shuttering with lots of corners and recesses, it must be ensured that a thin layer is applied all over.



Nice to know

What does tribology mean?

Tribology covers scientific research and technical applications of friction, wear and lubrication, taking account of design, materials science, regulations imposed by the authorities, etc. Tribo technology also deals with the retention of the value of machines and tools, simplification of lubrication application, minimisation of energy losses plus environmental demands, cost-optimised production and targeted maintenance schedules.


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