CS-CLEANER is a neutral system cleaner for coolant circuits and the spindle cooling systems of machine tools. Thanks to innovative additives without any biocides, CS-CLEANER does not fall into the biocide product category and can be used worldwide without any restrictions.

Technical details

Field of application

CS-CLEANER is excellently suited to removing residual dirt and other contaminants such as fungus residues in coolant circuits.


Please observe the following before refilling: . Before refilling, mechanically remove typical residual contamination such as fungus residues. . Completely clean and fully drain the system. General information . only suitable for water-miscible coolants.

Nice to know


  • biocide-free
  • very good cleaning effect
  • removes greases, oils and normal residual dirt
  • compatible with plastic, varnish and metal
  • VOC-free
  • pleasant citrus fragrance


48 hours before changing the coolant, add 3% S-CLEANER, calculated on the entire system volume. If the systems are very contaminated, we recommend extending the circulation to 72 hours or the further addition of a biocide.
After adding the system cleaner, mechanical processing can be continued without any interruptions.