MOTOREX SWASH CLEANER is a solvent cleaner made up of isoparaffinic hydrocarbons. It offers universal cleaning power, particularly for oily contamination. MOTOREX SWASH CLEANER is completely state of the art and future-proof and offers, coupled with optimum plant technology, a stable cleaning process. The low aromatics content makes the cleaner almost odourless.

Technical details

Field of application

Like dissolves like: cutting oils, corrosive agents and greases are effectively dissolved as hydrocarbon-based products; due to their high water content, emulsions are only dissolvable to a limited extent.
MOTOREX SWASH CLEANER is used primarily in closed industrial cleaning systems for small parts cleaning. Provided that vacuum can be applied to the system, cleaning can be carried out at a higher temperature than 61°C, thereby increasing the cleaning effect.


MOTOREX SWASH CLEANER ist unverdünnt anzuwenden.

Nice to know


  • removes greases, oils and waxes
  • low-odour
  • can be distilled without decomposition
  • narrow boiling range
  • no risk of corrosion for any metals
  • high penetrating power
  • residue-free drying
  • non-toxic


MOTOREX SWASH CLEANER must be applied undiluted. In open systems, the working temperature 15°C must be below the flash point, i.e. 46°C. The product must be stored in a cool and dry location. Used cleaner must be taken to the designated disposal or recycling points.



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