ISO 15

SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X are high-performance cutting oils, which can be used to manufacture high-alloyed steels, nonferrous metals and aluminium to an optimum finish. This is a new innovation in modern manufacturing technology. It does away with the need for various costly operations such as separate production lines for assorted processing, pre-washing non-ferrous workpie-ces and blending different types of machining oils in the manufacturing process. These cutting oils are particularly suitable for vmax machining.

Technical details

Field of application

SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X cutting oils were developed so that only one type of cutting oil would be needed to cover all types of materials, degrees of difficulty, etc. These universal oils are suitable for steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, and aluminium, which are difficult to work with.

Nice to know


  • Vmax technology
  • all-purpose oil for all types of materials
  • significantly extended tool life
  • optimum workpiece surface finishes
  • cutting data can be optimised
  • very easy on the skin
  • low volatility
  • extremely cost-effective



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