SWISSGRIND ZOOM XL is a full synthetic grinding oil, which is light, free of chlorine and aroma. It is made of polyalfaolefines and is developed to meet the highest demands. It distinguishes itself with an extraordinary cooling and flushing effect, which is optimal when the grinding process involves large quantities of material and heavy cuts.
Due to a specially chosen combination of additives, minimal oil mist formation develops during the grinding process with SWISSGRIND ZOOM XL. Due to it’s flushing and wetting capabilities, the grinding wheels remain sharp and abrasive.

Technical details

Field of application

SWISSGRIND ZOOM XL is especially well suited to high speed grinding. Typical uses are internal/external grinding, creep-feed grinding, pendulum sharpening and gear grinding. SWISSGRIND ZOOM XL is especially suited for high speed steels and hard metal processing.
Ideal for grinding grooves with DIAMETAL MNT, which are designed for increased production.

Nice to know


  • excellent cooling effect
  • extremely low oil mist formation
  • odour free
  • excellent filterability
  • gentle on skin
  • light colour



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