COOL CONCENTRATE is a fully synthetic, water-miscible coolant concentrate. Its ingredients passivate the various materials and provide long-term protection against corrosion. When mixed with water, COOL CONCENTRATE is a very efficient coolant with a specific heat of 4.1 J/g-K, which is virtually the same value as for water (4.187 J/g-K).

Technical details

Nice to know


  • very efficient heat removal
  • prevents electrochemical corrosion
  • effective in protecting aluminium, non-ferrous and ferrous metals from corrosion
  • zinc-plated parts are not affected
  • low maintenance
  • compatibility with plastics typically used in machine construction and with sealing materials has been tested and confirmed


When preparing COOL CONCENTRATE, use only drinking water which does not exceed the following limits:

- water hardness max. 20°dH
- chloride max. 100 ppm
- sulphate max. 100 ppm

Prepare a mixture of 11% COOL CONCENTRATE. Only use clean containers for preparing the mixture. Pour the mixture into the prepared cooling system immediately.
If the given water properties are not met COOL-X must be used.
If the coolant is used under optimal operating conditions while proper maintenance has been performed according to the instructions the coolant’s service life may be up to 1 years.

An average operating temperature of 20 - 25 °C is very effective in the long-term preservation of hydrolysis-sensitive elastomers (e.g. PUR-Ether).



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