COOL-OIL is a mineral-oil-based, non-water-miscible coolant for high-frequency spindles. COOL-OIL removes heat efficiently due to its composition.
COOL-OIL is a long-life spindle cooling oil which is low in aromatic compounds and free of VOCs, and it efficiently protects the components in your machine from corrosion.

Technical details

Field of application

COOL-OIL is suited for use as a spindle coolant for high-frequency spindles which are designed for oil cooling.


Nice to know


  • excellent thermal capacity
  • optimal compatibility with materials
  • low in aromatic compounds
  • not a hazardous material
  • long-term corrosion protection
  • maintenance free
  • free of any solvents (VOCs)
  • low evaporation loss


COOL-OIL comes ready to use. Use only when undiluted. Do not add water.
When converting from a water-based spindle coolant to COOL-OIL, make sure to threat the system previously with 3% CS-CLEANER for 24 hours of operation. Afterwards the cooling system must be thoroughly rinsed out with COOL-OIL. Then fill the spindle cooling system with new COOL-OIL.
- Before changing the coolant, the spindle manufacturer must be consulted!
- COOL-OIL is not suited as a lubricant for ball bearings!



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