FUEL STABILIZER PLUS reduces phase separation, which optimises combustion and fuel efficiency and prevents corrosion. The properties of all two- and four-stroke fuels with added ethanol are improved, even in vehicles that have been idle for a long time e.g. in vehicles that are rarely used.
What most vehicle owners do not know is that fuel enriched with ethanol is now available in all markets. Compared with 100% petrol, fuels containing ethanol perform worse and lead to a reduction in fuel efficiency. Ethanol is also hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. The moisture binds itself to the ethanol, reduces the octane content and causes performance problems. The FUEL STABILIZER PLUS thus balances out many of these standard weaknesses.

Technical details

Field of application

Suitable for all two- and four-stroke petrol engines


  • 10ml


The fuel requirements of the vehicle manufacturer must be adhered to.

Nice to know


  • stabilises and regenerates old fuel
  • optimises combustion
  • reduces phase separation/separation
  • improves fuel efficiency
  • prevents corrosion
  • dissolves deposits in the engine


For acute problems, 10 ml: 10 litres
For prevention, 10 ml: 20 litres



Nice to know

What does tribology mean?

Tribology covers scientific research and technical applications of friction, wear and lubrication, taking account of design, materials science, regulations imposed by the authorities, etc. Tribo technology also deals with the retention of the value of machines and tools, simplification of lubrication application, minimisation of energy losses plus environmental demands, cost-optimised production and targeted maintenance schedules.


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