The MOTOREX carburettor cleaner is a concentrated cleaner developed to ensure trouble-free cleaning of residues and impurities from carburettors. Cleans air passages, inlet flaps, Venturi tubes, adjustment screw seats and carburettor housings. For all two- and four-stroke petrol engines. Highly intensive cleaning effect, requiring seals and membranes to always be removed beforehand. Ideally suited for use in overhauls of older vehicles or those which have been idle for a long time.

Technical details

Field of application

Can be used in all types of carburettor engines. Particularly suitable for use in restoring vintage and classic models. Also ideal for removing very stubborn dirt. Particularly suitable when putting vehicles that have been idle for a long time back into operation when their carburettors are blocked, dirty and no longer working.


  • 1l


Replace seals after use.

Nice to know


  • extreme cleaning power
  • removes residue left by poor-quality fuel


For normal use, apply pure carburettor cleaner or dilute it in petrol up to a ratio of around 1:4. Place the parts to be cleaned in a suitable container for two to four hours (or longer depending on the amount of dirt) and then wash them out with petrol. Remove all rubber seals and parts beforehand. The MOTOREX carburettor CLEAN SPRAY can be used for finishing.



Nice to know

What does penetration mean?

Is a dimension for consistency (solidity or fluidity) of a substance. In the case of lubricating greases, it is the amount by which a cone with specified dimensions penetrates vertically into the specimen to be examined under specified conditions.


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