Boring, hammering, and drilling systems are exposed to extreme stresses in harsh conditions. Loosening threaded connectors on bore heads and bore head assemblies can take considerable force. Hydraulic breakout benches are a must. Getab AB gets the job done with ease using equipment developed in-house – and with a helping hand from MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES.

“There’s got to be a better way,” thought Fredrik Furuhäll and Ulf Stjernholm when they found themselves repairing a breakout workbench for the first time. Founded in 2014 on the rather remote Swedish island of Gotland, the company counts versatility as a key strength. Together with vehicle and machinery repairs, Getab AB also offers metal and machine construction with a special focus on hydraulics.


Hammer drills and tunnel boring machines are widely used in the cement industry and limestone quarrying on Gotland. At the request of a customer unhappy with his breakout bench, Getab AB developed and built a bench with improvements in many of its functions. Bore head assemblies are made up of multiple elements screwed together. A bore head is screwed onto the assembly’s tip. During boring, the hammer drill uses hydraulic power to strike the drill tip while simultaneously rotating it in the thread direction. As a result, the elements are continually screwed tighter to keep them from falling off in the borehole.


The extremely tightly screwed parts are separated using a hydraulic-powered breakout bench. The assembly is placed in the V-shaped cradle and clamping chains are applied. Depending on the model, these chains deploy a gripping force ranging from 15 to 30 tonnes. The unique adjustable rear V-cradle makes it possible to secure and break out even tapered pieces with a diameter of up to 30 inches. Patented Getab breakout benches are designed for use on construction sites, eliminating time-consuming trips to the shop and back.


For outdoor use, Sweden requires hydraulic fluids to be readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 B and Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34. Getab AB wanted a hydraulic fluid that not only meets these standards, but also provides an ideal combination of performance, cost, and environmental safety. The fully saturated premium esters in MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES SP 46 exceed these requirements while providing yet another key benefit: outstanding long-term stability (five times longer test life in CMT and TOST). In service, Getab breakout benches with MOTOREX fluid work not just better but also longer. And that’s just what Fredrik Furuhäll and Ulf Stjernholm had in mind.


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