MOTOREX brand ambassador takes third place in the motorcycle category of the marathon rally from Monaco to Dakar

  • Team Races to Places: five motorcycle aces from four nations and five mechanics take on the extreme challenge
  • Strong team performance: all five riders cross the finishing line in Dakar after completing a total of 6,500 kilometres
  • Thanks to elaborately produced YouTube videos, viewers can experience this spectacular event onboard and up close – Episode 18 covers the visit to MOTOREX 

MOTOREX brand ambassador Lyndon Poskitt has done it again: the multiple Dakar Rally participant and motorcycle world traveller has completed yet another superlative adventure – this time, the Africa Eco Race. Riding his KTM 450 Rally Factory Replica in the striking green livery of the Swiss lubricant specialist, the British rider even got to stand on the podium in the motorcycle category of this marathon rally. This was the first time the passionate motorcyclist who prefers to go it alone had entered with a team of friends and fellow racers. After the rally, the entire team made a stopover at the MOTOREX headquarters in Langenthal.

For Lyndon Poskitt, participation in the Africa Eco Race was the crowning moment of his "Races2Places" project. As part of this five-year journey around the world, the 41-year-old Brit had travelled through 74 countries on his motorbike and competed in some of the toughest and most famous rally raids. In the Dakar Rally, he finished second in the Malle Moto class twice in succession, first in 2017 and then again in 2018. This is a category reserved for the toughest of the tough: participants have to compete without the support of a team, which means they have to carry out any repairs and maintenance work on their own, with no assistance whatsoever. During the world's toughest rally and all the other races he has competed in to date, Lyndon Poskitt has at all times put his complete trust in MOTOREX lubricants and care products.

Africa Eco Race: Team Races to Places competes in the colours of MOTOREX
His most recent challenge, the Africa Eco Race, took the former aerospace engineer to Africa from 5 to 19 January. The organisers of this cross-country rally event – which has been held each year since 2009 – place special emphasis on taking a responsible approach to dealing with nature and the environment. This is reflected not only in the name, but also in the use of solar energy, the use of recyclable dishes in the bivouacs and the special road book, which consciously avoids crossing nature reserves and other sensitive areas. The route this year took the participants from Monaco through Morocco and Mauritania to Dakar in Senegal.

The special feature of Lyndon Poskitt’s entry in this year’s event was that, instead of competing solo as usual, he had decided to line up at the start of the 6,500 kilometre rally with an entire team sporting the colours of MOTOREX. The motorcycle world traveller lined up at the start of the race with the Australian Matt Sutherland, the American Mike Johnson and the two South Africans Greg Raaff and Joey Evans. The latter is a man who probably wrote one of the most impressive stories ever published in motorsports: following a devastating off-road racing accident, the doctors diagnosed Evans with paraplegia in 2007 – the same doctors also told him he had only a ten percent chance of ever walking again. But the 44-year-old didn’t give up and fought with unbridled determination to achieve his one great goal: to participate in the Dakar Rally. Ten years later his dream became reality – Evans completed the marathon rally, covering a total of roughly 9,000 kilometres, and was the only South African rider to cross the finishing line.

Strong team performance: Lyndon Poskitt’s team celebrates the finish in Dakar
At this year's Africa Eco Race, Team Races to Places – which included five mechanics as well as the five motorcycle aces from four nations – pulled off a triumphant finish in Dakar. Thanks to elaborately produced and highly entertaining videos, which the team posted on Lyndon Poskitt's YouTube channel after each stage, fans have been able to experience the spectacular rally event onboard and up close along the route and to take a look behind the scenes.

Most of the team members had got to know Lyndon during his world tour, but the riders and their mechanics had never met until shortly before the start of the Africa Eco Race. Nevertheless, they quickly bonded together under the guidance of Lyndon's father Robin Poskitt to create a powerful team that took the numerous challenges that lay ahead for the participants on the 6,500 kilometre rally route completely in its stride. This meant that the Races to Places team was not going to be deterred by the occasional setback, such as the one when one of the service vehicles broke down with engine trouble before the rally had even started – to be seen in Episode 5. Or the one just before the finish, when Joey Evans and Greg Raaff collided with a camel after the last special stage on the liaison. For Joey, the dream of arriving at the finish in Dakar almost ended there and then (Episode 16). Finally, however, all five riders of Team Races to Places celebrated the end of the race as finishers. Lyndon Poskitt even clinched third place.

Video: Team Races to Places visits MOTOREX
These and other unforgettable experiences were reported on by the team members during their visit to the MOTOREX headquarters in Langenthal, where they met, among others, Edi Fischer, CEO of the Bucher MOTOREX Group, and made use of the professional equipment available on the premises to remove the desert sand from their bikes. The video on the factory visit can be seen in the 18th episode on Lyndon Poskitt's YouTube channel. More images of the MOTOREX brand ambassador's racing events and impressions of his world tour are  available for download.

The partnership between the Swiss lubricant specialist and Lyndon began in 2014 when he set off on his five-year world tour as part of the "Races2Places" project. Throughout his journey – on which he covered some 240,000 kilometres and crossed six continents – the British rider was supported by MOTOREX with the help of its respective distribution partners, who provided him with all the products he needed to service his bike along the route.


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