Make-specific motor oils require garages to stock an ever broader palette of lubricants. MOTOREX meets the challenge with its handy, compact and tailored 20-liter bag-in-box (BIB) concept. Take the BIB test!

Repair services for foreign vehicle makes and multi-make shops increasingly require make/model-specific motor oils. Meeting the manufacturer’s specifications typically means reaching for a one-liter bottle. But these are anything but economical and environmentally friendly.


Lubricants in the bag-in-box container make sense both on their own and as a complement to existing lubricant supply options (drums, tanks with oil bar, etc.). MOTOREX has developed a practical bag-in-box rack (width 64,4 cm × depth 55 cm × height 115 cm) for clean storage and easy access to up to six different BIBs. The rack is equipped with a drip pan, and slightly forward-leaning shelves make dispensing quick and clean. The potential configurations are practically unlimited.

  • 20 liter size
  • Ideal for supplementing a workshop product range
  • Space saving storage (stackable)
  • Clean and easy handling
  • Guarantees maximum purity of contents
  • Built in high-flow dispenser
  • Good emptying of residues
  • Minimal waste

Take the BIB test!

  • Have you ever ordered make-specific motor oils in one-liter bottles for a repair service?
  • Do you depend on rapid availability of a make-specific motor oil?
  • For reasons of logistics and economy, do you want to avoid stocking large quantities of a motor oil you only need occasionally?

If you answer “yes” to all three questions, then make-specific 20-liter bag-in-box motor oils from MOTOREX are the right choice for your firm.


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