The new MOTOREX PTFE Grease Spray 2002 combines the benefits of a grease spray and a solid PTFE lubricant. The result is effective, long-lasting, reliable lubrication.

New high-performance MOTOREX PTFE Grease Spray 2002 is the perfect choice for lubrication points exposed to dust, water, or vibrations under extreme loads and severe conditions.


MOTOREX PTFE Grease Spray 2002 forms a securely adhering, water-resistant lubricant film in no time. The penetrating synthetic grease suff uses quickly while also carrying PTFE solid lubricant flakes to the lubrication point. The flakes have excellent damping and dry-running characteristics. Even if the lubricant grease film becomes exhausted due to delayed servicing or other factors, the PTFE particles remain at the lubrication point. The material’s excellent adhesion properties and fulling resistance also completely eliminate undesirable stickslip behavior.


MOTOREX sprays are liquid tools in a can. They have an extremely wide range of uses and get the job done with a simple press of the spray nozzle. MOTOREX PTFE Grease Spray 2002 is ideal for the highly stressed lubrication points found in vehicles and machinery in all kinds of applications. MOTOREX PTFE Grease Spray 2002 is also eff ective in eliminating annoying creaking, cracking, and squeaking noises.

For more information about the new spray in the 500-ml can, just ask your MOTOREX sales representative.



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