The stage has been set: Internal combustion engines must become cleaner and ever more efficient. With the new 0W generation of extremely low-viscosity, low-volatility motor oils, MOTOREX offers a key contribution to improving efficiency.

Optimization of the internal combustion engine is in full gear. The main focus is on the combustion chamber. With increasing compactness, the direct fuel injection commonly associated with diesel engines is now also favored for gasoline-powered engines. In combination with hybridization, the technology can additionally reduce fuel consumption. A further trend for the past few years now has been downsizing (lower displacement, fewer cylinders) in combination with turbocharging.


Downsized engines with fewer moving parts are a prime example of reducing friction within the engine. On average, some 25 % of total fuel energy in any combustion engine is lost to friction. The greatest friction losses occur at the broad frictional surfaces of the piston assembly. With tighter manufacturing tolerances, new bearing technologies, and innovative surface treatments, engine manufacturers are pulling out all the engineering stops. Combining these approaches with a modern additive-enhanced, low-viscosity motor oil yields a massive reduction in friction compared to SAE 10W/40 viscosity oils.


The MOTOREX Car Line 0W-generation low-viscosity motor oils have been developed especially for the latest engine types. They form a lubricant fi lm just 2 μm thick, i.e. just half as thick as hitherto. The result: ever more effi cient engines and reduced CO2 emissions. Low-viscosity 0W multigrade motor oils from MOTOREX reduce friction loss and help make engines increasingly efficient.


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