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“Cooler protection means system protection!”


Cooling and heating systems rely on thermal energy being transported efficiently and on the system being protected during longer periods of use. When it comes to motors, this primarily means transporting heat generated away to prevent overheating. As for other systems (heating and cooling systems etc.), their main task is to transport the heat to its destination while losing as little as possible. Water is most commonly used as it is the ideal liquid for ensuring efficient transport. The water is mixed with antifreeze (cooler protection) to make sure it doesn’t freeze at low temperatures and to prevent rust from forming, while the lubricating effect boosts the system’s efficiency. Choosing the right antifreeze (cooler protection) is key and, thanks to the wide range of products we offer at MOTOREX, you are sure to find the perfect product for your needs.


Nice to know

What is the pour point?

Is the temperature at which cooling oil just stops flowing under specified conditions. The pour point only provides limited information on the low-temperature flow characteristics of an oil in a certain machine.


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