The elixir of life for every motor! MOTOREX motor oil

Engine Oil

A motor’s service life largely depends on the motor oil used. That’s why choosing the right oil is absolutely key and why nothing but the best quality will do. Lubricants are expected to do many different things and it takes a lot of expertise to understand this. They must cool and protect, prevent wear and remove dirt, last as long as possible and help the motor perform at its very best. On top of all that, they also need to be compatible with the technology of yesterday and tomorrow. Our dedicated chemists at MOTOREX work day in, day out to adapt our motor oils to the various concepts associated with motors and ensure they deliver the best lubrication for as long as possible. And that’s what MOTOREX has been doing for over 100 years!


Nice to know

What does SAE mean?

Society of Automotive Engineers. International society of over 83,000 engineers from 97 countries, which exchange know-how in the fields of automotive engineering, aerospace, engines, commercial vehicles, production, fuels and materials.