SAE 5W/30

MOTOREX XERUS LH SAE 5W/30 is the latest generation of extremely fuel-efficient commercial vehicle motor oil. Thanks to the lower HTHS value (high temperature, high shear), it is significantly more fuel efficient than normal fuel economy oils once again, while still maintaining wear protection and service life at the highest level. Suitable for extended maintenance intervals and the latest generation of particularly efficient commercial vehicle engines that require API FA-4. Meets Mercedes-Benz MB 228.61 approval. Reduces fuel consumption and CO2emissions.

Technical details

Field of application

MOTOREX XERUS LH SAE 5W/30 is specially formulated for use in the latest generation of modern commercial vehicle engines that require API FA-4 or MB 228.61. The ACEA F8 standard is in the pipeline. The motor oil is ideal for use with exhaust after-treatment systems and helps prevent particle filters getting clogged up thanks to the Low-SAPS technology.


  • API FA-4
  • JASO DH-2
  • MB 228.61
  • CUMMINS CES 20087


  • 200l


Due to the lower HTHS value, XERUS LH SAE 5W/30 can only be used in engines that require API FA-4 or MB 228.61. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Nice to know


  • Ideally suited to the latest generation of commercial vehicle diesel engines that require API FA-4 or MB 228.61.
  • reduces CO<sub>2</sub>emissions
  • reduces fuel costs
  • preserves particle filters and exhaust after-treatment systems
  • higher wear protection
  • long-term oxidation stability



Nice to know

What does penetration mean?

Is a dimension for consistency (solidity or fluidity) of a substance. In the case of lubricating greases, it is the amount by which a cone with specified dimensions penetrates vertically into the specimen to be examined under specified conditions.


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