Beskrivning Som grid

MOTOREX Alpine Line

Tack vare det mycket breda sortimentet av smörjmedelsprodukter i Alpine Line täcks alla behov som krävs för att driva och underhålla alpina infrastrukturer. Detta ger enklare inköp samt en positiv effekt på logistiken. MOTOREX ger sina kunder viktiga faktorer som expertsupport, rådgivning och serviceanalyser.


Bra att veta

What does tribology mean?

Tribology covers scientific research and technical applications of friction, wear and lubrication, taking account of design, materials science, regulations imposed by the authorities, etc. Tribo technology also deals with the retention of the value of machines and tools, simplification of lubrication application, minimisation of energy losses plus environmental demands, cost-optimised production and targeted maintenance schedules.


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