SWISSFORMING CONTACT FX 180 is a high-performance fine blanking- and forming lubricant. Carefully coordinated additives have a positive effect in improving the sliding friction performance. This is an effective way of preventing cold welding and debris building up at the edges. SWISSFORMING CONTACT FX 180 is free from chlorine and heavy metals.

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SWISSFORMING CONTACT FX 180 can be used for the most difficult individual and combined machining operations such as deep drawing, ironing, shaping, embossing, compressing, punching, fine blanking and impact extrusion.

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  • high temperature stability
  • easy to remove, even after long storage
  • no sticky deposits
  • suitable for all types of materials
  • fine blanking of material thickness from up to 10 mm
  • reduction in process costs
  • very good wear protection


SWISSFORMING CONTACT FX 180 is easy to apply either automatically or by hand, e.g. using felt pads, rollers and spray devices and only small amounts are required. It ensure a very good temporary corrosion protection. The shaped metal parts manufactured with SWISSFORMING CONTACT FX 180 can be degreased thoroughly using either organic solvents or water-based cleaning agents.



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What does ISO mean?

“International Organisation for Standardisation”. The organisation classifies lubricants, industrial oils and related products (Class L). This classification consists of 18 families in which the products are assigned letters A to Z depending on their use.


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